Manufacturing uses NETSTAR to support its ERP application which is monitored over the Internet from Headquarter. NETSTAR is also using to monitor the activity over CCTV and help them to reduce phone cost by using NETSTAR Telephony Service.


Telco Carrier uses NETSTAR to support their connectivity between BTS and MSC or connectivity between POP to ISP Core Gateways by using NETSTAR DATACOMM. NETSTAR DATACOMM will give the ability to gain the data traffic up to 100 Gbps, suitable to support telco 4G and 5G technology which will be present soon.


TV Media use NETSTAR DATACOMM to support the connection and deliver the content to the IP Network. The audience can view the content from the IP network by using the NETSTAR IPTV product. NETSTAR will deliver an IPTV solution by using multicast or over unicast (OTT) protocol. The combination solution between VSAT and Cellular Technology will also make NETSTAR IPTV is the best choices for TV and Media Services.


Office Building uses NETSTAR to provide Internet, IPTV, and Telephony for serving their tenant. NETSTAR have a competitive internet and calling rate that will make NETSTAR Telephony product become a favorite product for Building Management.


NETSTAR is perfectly matched for Hospitality Service
1. Broadband Internet Service over WIFI.
2. Interactive TV with Live TV, catch & play system, VOD, and Digital Media Entertainment.
3. House phone with competitive IDD rate.
4. Call Center Telephony Service for reservation system.
5. Managed Service to ensure you have all of the benefit from NETSTAR.